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Wish Cell Phone Jammer

Bowles Harold 2021-09-02

In order to effectively curb students from using mobile phones in class, some schools have specially equipped schools with Wish Cell Phone Jammer . The school stated that the installation of "mobile phone jammers" in schools is a helpless move, and mobile phones have disrupted the proper teaching order in the classroom. cell phone jammer Just to allow students to learn better.

It is reported that the " Wish Cell Phone Jammer " signal shielding range in the classroom is limited to the classroom. As long as you get out of the classroom, the mobile phone signal will be restored and will not harm the students' freedom of communication and freedom of expression. In order to ensure that the health of students is not affected, non-all news management often attaches importance to product quality. The electromagnetic radiation of the "mobile phone jammer" installed must meet the relevant national standards and will not affect the human body. Many schools and examination rooms have already Qualified products in use. At present, my country has no clear legal provisions to restrict the scope of application of radio interference equipment. In actual operation, as long as the relevant departments follow the principle of not interfering with public communication, it can also be used for certain large-scale examinations, conferences and events.