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car code grabber device are very effective for management

Perfectjammer 2021-03-08

Car Code Grabber Device

According to a tender notice issued this morning, the 8.8 million euro contract includes the provision of "twelve RC-IED gps jammer (radio-controlled improvised explosives)" BARAGE, accessories and vehicle integration research. Its enforcement power has been entrusted to Thales Belgium's Thales Belgium subsidiary.

The platforms involved are not detailed. This may involve strengthening part of the protection of the 48 Dingo 2 armored vehicles of the Luxembourg army. These were obtained in 2008 by the "Protected Recce Vehicles" program implemented by Thales Belgium in cooperation with KMW.

The contract notice was issued on November 23, just a few days after the Belgian government approved the purchase of 60 BARAGE kits to benefit Earth's ingredients. The car code grabber device ordered by Belgium will replace the GPS jammer currently installed on vehicles to improve interoperability and facilitate frequency management with French partners, especially in the case of joint external operations.

The BARAGE system (active angular response anti-IED car code grabber device)-or "ECLISSE" in the Thales product portfolio-covers the entire frequency range (20 to 2500 MHz) while maintaining compatibility with friendly communications, including tactical radios, military GPS and X-band Thales said that three modes can be used: hybrid, reactive and dual active to optimize interference efficiency.

On the French side, BARAGE will not only be integrated into the new Scorpion vehicle. The Leclerc tank has also received attention through the XLR transformation program. According to the 2021 PLF, this logic will soon be extended to certain aircraft carriers of the PPT series (multi-purpose land aircraft carriers). As part of Operation Barkhane, the Army is now deploying six systems in the Sahel. They mainly help protect the engineering department responsible for opening the route.

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