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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Legal

Fung Priscilla 2021-07-07

The signal range of the test signal jammer we generally see belongs to laboratory data. Generally speaking, it is about 0 to 50 meters, and the area is about 10 to 250 square meters. However, this data is only for the open space. The local area does not include the assumption of wall penetration, because test jammers generally have relatively weak ability to penetrate walls, and the specific effective range of it must be determined according to the distance of the nearby base station, because the scope of exam Cell Phone Signal Jammer Legal is mainly determined by its It is determined by the strength of the magnetic field, so we have to determine the effective scope of the manual only through specific use, and we cannot blindly believe it. Because of this reason, when we choose test signal jammers, we must pay special attention to choosing equipment with stronger shielding effect. Perfectjammer is a professional manufacturer of test signal jammers, and its products are shielded. The effect is more powerful, and has reached cooperation with many schools. cell phone jammer

The test room signal jammer is a very magical thing, after use, the test room will undergo very strange changes. It's just that no one can see this change. So many people are puzzled, how can a small thing have so much energy, and some people even take the risk. So, what happens to the mobile phone after using the test center Cell Phone Signal Jammer Legal ? In the classroom where the mobile phone jammer is installed in the test room, using the mobile phone will find that there is no way to make calls at all, and there is no way to answer, and there is no way to connect to the Internet, so naturally there is no way to receive Be careful and so on. In addition, the test room signal jammer with Bluetooth function, then the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone can not be used. This avoids the possibility of making or answering calls with Bluetooth headsets and the like.