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Bluetooth and WiFi are the same frequency?

Weberpal Wayne C. August 12, 2020 08:30

You must have a Bluetooth-enabled device to use this Sphero robot. There are various applications that allow you to control it in the most effective way. There are even augmented reality games, which will be used in conjunction with this robot. Therefore, this is not only a perfect toy, but also a good opportunity to try augmented reality technology.

As you know, the device is controlled via Bluetooth. But we must mention that as long as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth share the same frequency, you cannot use wifi jammer connections around Bluetooth interfering devices.

Also on perfectjammer.com, we can tell you that it is best to minimize the use of the Bluetooth module of your smartphone. This is a serious reason. You should know that mobile devices with Bluetooth capabilities (whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop) can be hacked through Bluetooth connections. Therefore, it is preferably not used again.