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Arduino Based Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/06/4

According to media reports, Indonesian drivers were severely damaged by static electricity on their mobile phones, igniting gasoline vapor and causing burns. Very scary In order to protect yourself from danger, you need to install aArduino Based Cell Phone Jammer . The threat that mobile phones pose to service stations and their users around the world is mainly due to their ability to generate sparks. In order to stop sparks, our stone produces many destruction products for you to choose from. Some people, especially teenagers, don’t know the hidden threats and easily forget the warnings when they are at the gas station, so they can easily fall into their phones for these reasons. cell phone jammer

When the screen is not in use, in order not to affect the normal use of the phone, the small interference power supply needs to be turned off immediately. When using interference objects outdoors, please pay attention to waterproofing. If the area is larger than the effective area of ​​the mask used, it is recommended to use multiple installed battery covers to ensure the shielding effect. The power supply, antenna and host are specifically supported. Please try not to use them interchangeably during trial operation and debugging to ensure that the expected results are achieved. Mobile Arduino Based Cell Phone Jammer is dedicated to protecting the internal components of accelerated aging equipment from corrosive gases and liquids, dust and moisture. When placed outdoors or in the wild, pay attention to the environment and other protective devices that are infected by destructive animals such as rats and ants.