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Block Area Codes On Cell Phone

White Charles 2022-01-25

Frequency jammers shield and cover radio signals by emitting high-power multi-band radio waves. They are usually used to perform frequency interference on remote-controlled explosive devices at the EOD site, so that the explosive devices cannot be detonated. At present, with the popularity of drones, the problem of black flying is becoming more and more serious, and Block Area Codes On Cell Phone can also be used to complete the interception of black flying drones. There are no trivial incidents involving explosions. The public security organs are equipped with frequency jammers. The most essential purpose is to prevent the threat of remote-controlled explosive devices. According to a survey of front-line security inspection and EOD practitioners, 35 of the security inspection and EOD teams in 36 cities have frequency jammers in use, with a deployment rate of 97%. Therefore, it has become a consensus to turn on frequency interference first when dealing with explosion-related sites. However, it is a pity that due to certain factors, the quality and function of the procurement frequency cell phone jammer by many local units cannot meet the requirements. Some EOD teams are equipped with frequency jammers whose working distance is too short, making it difficult to ensure the personal safety of personnel involved in explosion-related on-site disposal. The devices of some teams can only interfere with low-frequency point-to-point wireless signals, which are useless in the face of 4G signals; such Mobile phone signal jammers not only fail to provide security, but also become a new threat factor in police activities, regardless of the already fierce 5G signal.

Although 2019 is the first year of 5G, the development process of 5G signals has been getting faster and faster today. Therefore, the replacement of some police equipment is imminent, and Block Area Codes On Cell Phone even more so. The emergence of 5G cell phone signal jammers is a trend. The latest 5G portable frequency mobile phone signal jammer independently developed by us can not only be used for EOD personnel to transfer or dispose of suspicious explosives, cut off wireless communication between dangerous personnel, but also transmit high-power electromagnetic waves. The drone is controlled and the connection between the drone and the remote controller is cut off from a distance. Through the multi-functional mobile phone signal jammer, the drone can be controlled to land on the spot or return to the starting point to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace in the area. When the jammer is turned on, it can form an electromagnetic shield in the area, so that the drone cannot enter the area.