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Pantech Breeze Cell Phone Block Calls

Herrera Justin 2022-01-03

Searching for the keyword " Pantech Breeze Cell Phone Block Calls " on the Internet yielded more than 400,000 pieces of information, and most of its manufacturers are located in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Fujian. On some e-commerce sites, there are also many stores selling this kind of cell phone jammer . In addition to the products that can be installed indoors, there are many products that are convenient to carry out. The main body area of ​​the portable mobile phone signal jammer is almost the same as the size of the ID card, and the seller says it sells well. It is understood that manufacturers of mobile phone signal jammers on the market are mixed, and various types of shielding products are also mixed.

In order to expand the business scope and obtain high profits, operators blindly increase the shielding power. Behind all this is the ambiguity of product standards. Nonetheless, the rapid commercialization of shielding products has brought this unregulated market to a climax. An industry insider said that regulating the Pantech Breeze Cell Phone Block Calls equipment market is the first thing that should be solved, not only to strictly limit the sales channels of products, but also to regulate the technical specifications of products, so that the market can get on the right track as soon as possible. He believes that there is no doubt that mobile phone jammers are used in the military and secret agencies or specific state agencies for security purposes, but the practice of installing them in public places to eliminate noise pollution is questionable.