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Is the use of cell phone jammers in the examination room harmful to humans?

Perfectjammer 2020-12-16

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According to Tang Tai, the principle of a mobile cell phone jammer is very simple: it emits noise waves on the same channel and submerge the communication signals of normal mobile phones and base stations in the noise. Because the current mobile phones (GSM and CDMA) use digital communication, they have strong anti-interference ability. To forcibly interfere with the communication signals of the mobile phone and the base station, it is necessary to use high-power, wide-channel noise signals (due to The mobile phone itself has a frequency hopping function) to completely cut off the signal between the mobile phone and the base station. "It is extremely unsuitable to use this kind ofprofessional equipment in examination places, because the radiation of this type of equipment is seriously exceeding the standard, which will directly affect the thinking activities of the examinee's brain."

"Last year, during the inspection of the college entrance examination, I received reports that some candidates and teachers were irritable, unable to concentrate, or even headaches in severe cases!" Tang Tai's tone was a bit agitated when it came to the discovery process. These test rooms all use cell phone jammer, and it is harmful to the human body, especially the test takers in the test room are more affected, which will interfere with people's normal thinking."

Speaking of this, Tang Tai is very angry: "When persuasion is invalid, I now strongly oppose using it in the examination room!" He revealed that even a researcher in his own laboratory, working in a similar environment all year round has a certain degree of resistance. However, if you stay for half an hour under microwave radiation of this intensity, you will still experience mild headaches, irritability, and inability to concentrate.

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