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Mobile Phone Jammers Detect Illegal Actions

Perfectjammer 2020-11-25

As you know, the French government has mobilized for several years to modernize the means of combating road crime. For example, we remember the micro turret radar recently implemented on the A15 highway near Paris.

These revolutionary cell phone jammer devices can detect no less than four illegal activities at the same time, including speed, seat belt wearing, safe distance and phone calls. After several months of testing on the Ile-de-France highway, these miniature turret radars will land in the city from November 2020. Montpelier and Montbéliard will be the first cities to be equipped with this facility.

But these new generation radars are not the only weapon of the government. To track speed in particular, the authorities can rely on a fleet of hundreds of radar vehicles. These unmarked vehicles are equipped with radar, which greatly increases the traffic flow so that as many drivers as possible flash light.

According to information provided by colleagues in Le Figaro, there are currently nearly 400 radar cars in France. The Minister of the Interior, Gérard Darmanin, said in a statement in the Official Journal on September 10, 2020: "The fleet of radar cars consists of 402 cars in 2020, 362 of them It was driven by the police or military police.".

If we follow the data provided by the tenants of Bowo Plaza, we can infer that about 40 radar cars are driven by employees of private companies and service providers. According to the Ministry of the Interior, these companies hired to drive radar cars are currently active in only four regions: Brittany, the Loire Valley Center, Normandy and the Loire Region.

However, from September 2020, this subcontracting requirement will be extended to other regions of France, including the French Comet of Burgundy, Grand Este, the French House of Lords and the New Aquitaine region. At present, it is too early to calculate its use by private companies. "Recently the nature of this outsourcing has not made it possible to draw assessments or formulate opinions on the impact of its observed infringement results", affirmed Gérald Darman.

As a reminder, radar cars have no signs and it is almost impossible for the driver to detect them on the road. Unlike conventional radars, these devices do not use flashlights, but use invisible infrared flashlights. In 2019, radar cars driving on French roads issued 1,211,066 infringement information, and a total of 876,990 violation notices were issued. It is said that someone used a mobile cell phone jammer to delay the infringement news for more than a month. Shocked.