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Cell phone jammers can target rude speech

Perfectjammer 2020-12-05

cell phone jammer for car

To be sure, if you are the cause of personal injury or death, you should be asked to compensate for the injury or loss. Yes, yesterday I was an annoying mobile phone user and after 92 tornadoes killed 31 people in the Midwest, I tried to get my employees into the shelter. In the past few years, some of my employees’ houses were destroyed and 300 people were killed by tornadoes. The United States is building a nationwide alert system based on mobile phones. Manchester City is getting rid of the sound of police sirens and using mobile phone alarms instead. I am sure that you have no relatives living on the beach in Hawaii. These relatives may die from the tsunami. I am sure that none of your students on campus were shot and killed by an intruder. Mobile phones are a way of life today. If you don't like it, please don't take the bus. Annoying people are everywhere. Cell phones do not make them more or less annoying. They are people who speak loudly in movies or restaurants, or the sounds heard when they hear 10 lines on an airplane. Instead of using a cell phone jammer gadget to hide it, let them turn it down or grow it up.

I agree that using mobile phones has become mainstream. When you hear a woman in the cell next door while walking a block and speaking another language, she is too loud. But you can't convince her. That happened in Newark, New Jersey. Come back in a while. These people walking and talking to their ears are troublesome. In the store, I never know if they are talking to me or talking to themselves. Most of the time, this must be troublesome and rude. What surprises people is how many people I hear talking about personal matters at work and in everyone’s ears when they bring their phones to work. Thankfully, I don't work anymore. There should be some rules about the use of mobile phone jammers, especially rules about work and the public.

Whenever someone near me talks loudly or annoyingly on their phone, I just use my "Alarm Clock" app to turn on a very big annoying alarm clock. I held up the phone until they moved or closed the door, and then turned it off. If I must listen to their hate conversation, they must listen to my hate alarm.

Once I was in my doctor's office and this man spoke so loudly and rudely on his cell phone. After 20 minutes, I really want to kick him behind. At that time, I (and everyone in the office) wish I had a cell phone jammer. People have become so rude and arrogant about their phones, thinking that others have not written peace books. I don't mean to say that a person uses a mobile phone in a public place without writing. However, please make it fast and speak in a low voice. As far as my work is concerned, no one wants to know people's privacy matters.

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