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Mobile jammers improve the quality of the show

Perfectjammer 2020-12-14

classroom cell phone jammer

In order to ensure the performance effect, the Shanghai Grand Theater also used similar mobile phone jammer devices. "If it is really harmful, other measures will be considered." A similar cell phone jammer device is used.

"Actually, we only use this mobile phone jammer device occasionally." Regarding the use of the mobile phone jammer device, Zhang Xiaoding, assistant to the director of the Shanghai Grand Theater, who was on a business trip outside the city, admitted yesterday afternoon: "We will decide whether or not according to the specific needs of the performance. Use." She said that for symphony, solo, ballet, opera, etc., which require high performance environments, the theater will use mobile phone jammer devices, but it is not necessary for comprehensive performances.

Zhang Xiaoding said that before each performance, the theater will prompt the audience to turn off their mobile phones. However, some audience members are not of high quality, and it often happens that the mobile phone ringing suddenly occurs during the performance. Similar situations have caused actors to strike out in other cities.

Zhang Xiaoding said, “Using cell phone jammer is also for the audience to better enjoy the performance.” When she heard that jammers are harmful to the human body, Zhang Xiaoding was very surprised because she had never heard of it before, saying it was a very professional The problem, said that they will learn from the manufacturer. Zhang Xiaoding said that if the device is really harmful, the theater will consider other alternative measures, in short, everything must be considered for the audience.

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