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Suspected of using cell phone jammers to interfere with other people's lives and was heavily fined

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A human rights activist faces a fine of $48,000 for allegedly using illegal cell phone jammer in an SUV to prevent drivers around him from talking on the phone. The Federal Communications Commission said that Jason R. Humphreys hid the cell phone scrambler in his SUV and manipulated it on Florida Interstate 4 every day for about two years before he was arrested.

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The 60-year-old driver allegedly admitted that he deployed a cell phone jammer that sends radio signals that interfere with or obstruct electronic communications to prevent motorists from using their cell. But the FCC claims that the consequences are much more serious-he is interfering with cell phone towers and may interfere with the communications of emergency personnel. Larry McKinnon, a spokesperson for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, told ABC News that “the moral issue is that this is very dangerous.”

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In April 2013, the FCC received a warning of serious crimes, when its law enforcement department received a complaint from Metro PCS that it interfered with its cell phone tower. The company noticed that their commute hours between Seffner and Tampa are messy every morning and evening.

FCC agents use directional technology to determine that the strong broadband radiation is emitted by the blue Toyota Highlander SUV driven by Humphreys. With the help of the sheriff's office, the agents dragged Severna's men over. The report stated that when they approached Humphreys' car, they encountered a problem of interruption of the two-way portable radio.

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According to officials, the driver admitted to using a mobile phone jammer between 2011 and 2013 and kept the jammer under the seat cushion on the passenger side. Police spokesman McKinnon said: "He told us that we stopped him that day, and he is very tired of the use of people looking at mobile phones while driving." In Florida, it is not illegal to make phone calls while driving, but Text messages can only be sent when stationary. When officials seized the jammer, Metro PCS reported that the interference from its tower had ceased. The use of cell phone jammers is prohibited in the United States because they can disrupt the calls of police and other emergency responders. Humphries has 30 days to pay a fine of $48,000 or submit a written response to the FCC. According to McKinnon, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office also directly filed charges against Humphreys with the State Attorney’s Office. Humphries did not comment publicly on the matter.

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  1. The case of Jason R. Humphreys, a human rights activist facing a hefty fine for allegedly using an illegal cell phone jammer in his SUV, highlights the serious consequences of interfering with electronic communications.
  2. According to reports, Humphreys deployed the jammer on Florida Interstate 4 for about two years before his arrest, aiming to prevent drivers around him from using their cell phones while driving.

While Humphreys admitted to using the jammer to disrupt cell phone signals, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) contends that his actions pose significant risks beyond mere inconvenience. By interfering with cell phone towers, Humphreys may have inadvertently disrupted the communications of emergency personnel, potentially endangering public safety. This underscores the gravity of the situation and the potential hazards associated with unauthorized use of cell phone jammers.

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The FCC became aware of the situation after receiving a complaint from Metro PCS, which noticed disruptions in their cell phone tower's signals during peak commute hours between Seffner and Tampa. Utilizing directional technology, FCC agents were able to pinpoint the source of the interference to Humphreys' blue Toyota Highlander SUV. With the assistance of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Humphreys was apprehended, and a portable radio jammer was seized from his vehicle.

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Humphreys' alleged motivation for using the jammer was frustration with drivers using their phones while on the road. However, his actions demonstrate a lack of regard for the potential consequences, both legally and in terms of public safety. While making phone calls while driving is not illegal in Florida, sending text messages is only permitted when the vehicle is stationary. Nevertheless, the use of cell phone jammers is strictly prohibited in the United States due to their potential to disrupt critical communications, including those of law enforcement and emergency responders.

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In light of these infractions, Humphreys faces a substantial fine of $48,000 from the FCC, with the option to either pay the fine or submit a written response. Additionally, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has pursued charges against him with the State Attorney’s Office. This case serves as a stark reminder of the legal and safety implications associated with unauthorized interference with electronic communications.

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