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Cellphone Jammer Make Students Focus On Their Courses

Perfectjammer 2020-11-25

Dean Liptak is a practical science teacher in Hudson, Florida. Like many teachers, he is tired of seeing his students not attending classes and not using mobile phones. So he adopted a radical approach. bad idea.

So, one day, he brought back the cell phone jammer to help students focus on his course. The jammer prevented young people from using Verizon antennas near the school. But now, this story is not satisfied with his hierarchy at all, nor does it satisfy his parents.

Verizon called the school and said there was a problem with the antenna. The competent department quickly found the person in charge: Dean Liptak. The teacher used the mobile phone jammer to anger the parents. According to local media 10News, if there is a problem, especially when a gun battle breaks out, students will not be able to contact the outside world. In addition to interfering with cell phone communications, the device may also cause problems with police frequencies.