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Portable cell phone jammers make people crazy

Perfectjammer 2020-12-06

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Most commuters feel angry when they have to listen to their peers. However, anti-social travelers are increasingly turning things into their own hands by turning off commuters’ calls with portable cell phone jammer. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) demonstrated one of them in the film Enough. But worrying new real-life trends came to the fore this week, when a Philadelphia bus passenger was caught by a confused commuter. He said: "I think I am mastering the law myself, and frankly, I am proud of it."

The disruptor was hit by a co-traveler who noticed that everyone in his/her cell on the bus had difficulty getting a signal. Holding a cell phone jammer device hat, which looks like a walkie-talkie, with four antennas in his hand. The commuter explained: “Whenever someone tries the cell again, the person will deftly turn in their direction, press the button and point it at them, and then continue to read his book under the creepy hood” user Feeling that they are gradually controlling their society and thus gaining a certain degree of control. "

Illegal cell phone jammers can block radio and cell phone signals, including nearby emergency dispatch centers. These devices can cause public safety disasters in the event of a terrorist attack. Incoming calls are also blocked, which may prevent travelers from hearing emergency messages. A daily commuter from New Jersey to New York was disturbed during his transit journey. He said: “This is the best thing ever,” he told Forbes, when a passenger said “too loud or too loud”. In the long period, he will use a pocket-sized device purchased from a website, which is selectively imported from China. He said, "When I use it, it is to cut off loud speakers sitting on a train near me." He said, "No guilt, just a personal high-five.

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