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GSM/GPS Signal Jammer Makes Your Privacy More Secure

Perfectjammer 2020-11-29

Under normal circumstances, we recommend that you use a general-purpose GSM/GPS signal jammer, but as long as you need to use a mobile phone, it will not work. If you have a CDMA phone, it will work normally, so it can still work even when the GSM and GPS frequencies are blocked. In this case, the tracker installed in the car will not be able to send any information about your current location, speed, etc.

Otherwise, you will have to use a simple gps jammer device that will block the communication between the satellite and the tracker. In this case, the tracker will not be able to determine your location, but will still keep in touch with the dispatcher and will notify him or her that the satellite signal has been lost. Similarly, you should consider cell tower triangulation. If the tracker has specific software, it will be able to determine the original coordinates between the three nearest base stations.

In addition, you should consider that these trackers may have other modules, such as fuel indicators, built-in accelerometers, etc. These modules do not require GPS signals to operate normally. All data collected with these modules are sent to the dispatcher via GSM frequency, no matter you turn on or turn off the GPS jammer, he or she can see it. Therefore, we suggest in Perfectajammer that the best way is to block GSM and GPS frequencies at the same time and switch to CDMA mobile phones, otherwise, data leakage may be critical.