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Cell Phone Jammer Escort the 5G Era

Perfectjammer 2020-11-26

5G will replace 4G, LTE and the old 3G and 2G technologies, which will have a huge impact on mobile devices. Broadband Internet access for homes and businesses will change. Cables, POTS, satellites and even fiber optics will no longer be needed to provide broadband access for everyone. There will be new applications for sharing information between devices and people. This has also caused our personal information to become transparent and there is no privacy at all, so I urgently need a 5g mobile cell phone jammer to prevent this from happening.

According to Verizon Wireless, 5G speeds will reach a peak of 10 Gbps (compared to 4G LTE speeds of 953 Mbps), and devices operating at 310 km/h will be accessible. This means that any 5G device will be able to send or receive large amounts of data.

The following are some of the major cyber security challenges brought about by 5G:

-A large amount of data can be stolen from the organization in a few seconds through 5G-enabled devices

-Leaking large amounts of data no longer requires hacking into the cloud, removable media or streaming data through firewalls. They can be routed through cellular networks with malicious 5G devices that can access organizational information. Many large companies and government departments have added firewalls and used cell phone jammers as an outer layer of protection.

-Cyber ​​attackers can now use true driving technology to communicate with unauthorized or compromised 5G devices to steal data, perform command and control operations, or maintain a persistent presence.

-Finally, 5G represents a new attack vector for DDOS attacks. Due to high bandwidth, reduced latency (up to 120 times less than 4G), privacy and potential difficulties in media tracking geographic location, infected 5G devices may be the most large-scale botnet that can attack all content in the 2016 Mirai botnet .

All of this will not prevent the introduction of 5G. In fact, corporate cyber defenses against these new types of attacks and data breaches may even begin to use certain military methods, such as the use of "cell phone jammers"-even though they are illegal today. For example, some companies may also consider "no electronic equipment allowed" before entering the data center.

All employees and visitors must store all electronic devices in secure lockers before entering the building. However, if small enough devices are introduced (such as PI rasperry with 5G software, Ethernet and hacker software enabled), this will not eliminate the threat. Finally, consider using an electromagnetic pulse generator (EMP), which is a technique used by governments for many years to protect themselves from hostile surveillance equipment.

Although the threat is real, organizations can also adopt a simple additional security strategy: there is no gateway from 5G equipment to the corporate network. In other words, if the device is 5G compatible, wired and wireless connections will not be active at the same time. Although not perfect, cell phone jammers do prevent 5G devices from becoming gateways to the network. This is very similar to many existing strategies that prevent laptops from enabling both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (WiFi) communications.

5G will change our lives-the benefits of this technology are many. However, due to the massive amount of data and constant speed, it will require proper security and sophisticated strategies. New hacking techniques will emerge, and threat reduction strategies must also develop. In a sense, all of this represents a security theme, which has been repeated over and over again, and now we have entered a new stage of ultra-accelerated data theft.