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Mobile Phone Jammers Eliminate Work Phone Troubles

Perfectjammer 2020-11-26

It is said that many Berruyers are hooked on the phone. Restaurant owners must adapt to their work. Some even provide new services. Check out the ones below.
David Rétif, the restaurant manager of La Suite on Bourbonnoux Street, pointed out: "Without a phone, customers will not survive." "And I'm not just talking about young people! I would even say that the oldest is the first to ring loudly in the full service and People who share their conversations in Facetime

However, he recalled that the restaurant was "a place to share and taste food with others." But he no longer counts couples who like to send text messages instead of looking at each other. And make their little technical jewelry the same color, smell and flavor as the dishes on the plate, which is the reason for this "inability to fully taste the present moment".

Forced to heat the plate
When the conversation is too long, the phone sometimes forces the waiter to stop in the middle of the "demonstration show" of the recipe of the day, or even "heat the dishes" in the kitchen.

It has been observed that intensive use for one to two years requires team adaptability, so that cooking enthusiasts want to install mobile cell phone jammer in factories to solve the problem. But "everyone will go out and call, which also disrupts the bank card system!" He also knew that this might scare away some connected gourmets.

The wifi code before the menu...
Therefore, like many restaurateurs, David Rétif prefers to adapt. He turned a blind eye to photos of failed license plates on Instagram. Trying to place dishes in the middle of the smartphone. Provide the wifi password when requested most of the time before the menu. When customers can't stand the disconnection, they can borrow their own laptop charger.

...And the charger!
At Le Facteur restaurant in rue Moyen, Jessy Mercier uses this addictive phone call to build customer loyalty. Friend of Pierre-Gamard (the Berruyer creator of Pierre-Universal Phone Charger), he equips himself with a copy that allows any smartphone and tablet holder to have coffee or lunch at any table on the terrace on(*). "Now, when the battery runs out, they don't disappear. Instead, they come because they know they won't run out."

Pierre Gamard now lives in Taiwan and has opened 140 stores in France. The charger’s battery is powerful, so customers can charge their smartphones at a rate of 1% per minute to order or drink coffee. "Today's phones are powerful and their batteries run out quickly. It has become necessary to provide this service in places frequented by users.

Less than a year ago, the Chez Jacques restaurant on the square of the same name also equipped itself with copies of four other models. Valentin Luis-Dias explained: “This allows us to clear the cluttered calls received at the counter in order to insert them somewhere.”

All these restaurant owners also know that social networks that are widely used on smartphones are very influential in building corporate reputation. I started buying some small-scale jammers to create an isolated room and let them enjoy the troubles of not having work. They play games on their Facebook pages, post new menus, and sometimes post notifications for searching for mobile phone owners who are abandoned after meals. There are even calls to communications professionals that. Therefore, they meet the needs of Internet users for the "network". A network, they are not ready to be free from it!