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For military aviation, infrared signals and the ability to accurately measure them are very important. This is especially true when developing new infrared searchers for missiles and other infrared sensors and countermeasures against these threats. Although a certain number of tests can be carried out using ground-based signature measurement systems and development devices to support these tasks, some of them are very complex, but still need to be based on the main demand air for such tasks. To this end, branches of the US military use a variety of very unusual, obscure and highly specialized pods that contain a mixture of infrared searchers, cameras and other sensors. These systems are like high-end test wifi jammer devices, like mechanized bugs.

At the time of writing, the US Naval Aviation Systems Command (NAVAIR) maintains two pod systems, namely the Airborne Turret Infrared Measurement System III (ATIMS III) and the Threat Infrared General Simulation Radiometer (TIGER). The test wing of the 96th Wing of the US Air Force also has at least four pod-type systems that support aerial infrared testing, beam approach searcher evaluation system (BASES), infrared/visible/ultraviolet ground calibration and airborne radiation spectrometer (CIGARS) , Supersonic Airborne Three-Universal Infrared System (SATIRS) and Spectral/Space Airborne Radiation Infrared System (SARIS). All three types of aircraft are mainly used for high-performance tactical aircraft, such as the Navy F/A-18 Hornet and the Air Force F-15 Eagle. The U.S. Army has also adopted an additional system specifically designed for use on helicopters to perform this aerial infrared signal measurement.

ATMIS III is the latest generation system dating back to at least the 1970s. At that time, the main platform configured to carry it was the Douglas A-3 Skywarrior, which was originally designed in the late 1940s and early 1950s as a carrier bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The variant then continued to serve as a tanker and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform, and served in various testing and evaluation roles. In 1975, a master's thesis from California State University Northridge, Michael Edward Laub (Michael Edward Laub) and a staff member of the Navy Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC) at the time explained the involvement of ATIMS-equipped A-3 A typical dispatch procedure he participated in a test involving an F-4 Mirage fighter equipped with a countermeasure airborne infrared III (CAIR III) infrared wifi jammer:

This can of course get the job done, but it is also a relatively large and cumbersome arrangement, which requires two separate operators to prove it. The person responsible for analyzing the collected information must also manually match the infrared data with the image processed by the wet film camera. In addition, Laub's paper pointed out that another aircraft must carry a special instrument pod (SIP), which must be equipped with more cameras and recording equipment and an infrared seeker to collect information about CAIR III wifi More data on how the output of the jammer may directly affect. The guidance system of thermally guided missiles.

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