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Mobile Phone Jammer Sensitivity Test

Perfectjammer 2020-11-26

As always, the Connected Object team, the creator of the eedomus home automation packaging box, has provided us with new updates with many new features that will satisfy all users. On the program: Chromecast audio control, cell phone jammer detection via RFP1000, Amazon Echo/Alexa in French and support for various devices, as well as repairs and improvements to the box.

According to estimates on the Internet, one in ten thieves use a mobile cell phone jammer, and 50% of the theft is carried out without intrusion. Interference is a technique that makes radio communication impossible. Therefore, this anti-theft device may break into your house, and your alarm system will not react to this cell phone jammer. Thanks to the RFP1000 and firmware version 1.25, mobile jammer detection can be performed using the eedomus box. It is necessary to update the firmware of RFPlayer. In the configuration of RFPlayer, you can set the sensitivity from 1 to 10 or disable it.