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Cell Phone Block Outgoing Caller Id

Sunzt Enki 2021-10-19

Students from Doumen District No. 1 Middle School in Zhuhai returned to school after the National Day and found that the school had installed Cell Phone Block Outgoing Caller Id in the dormitory area. The school stated that the move is to prohibit students from using mobile phones in school, so as to restrict students to study hard. But the school's practice also caused controversy. At present, the school has installed landlines in each dormitory, and students can use fixed phones with cards. Some netizens believe that school is a place for learning, and the school’s prohibition of using mobile phones should be understandable. If students are addicted to playing with mobile phones, it will lead to unintentional learning. Some netizens believe that the idea of ​​blocking mobile phone signals and prohibiting the use of mobile phones is good, but it is obviously difficult to achieve a peaceful learning environment in this way. Some netizens joked that perhaps students will develop "anti-signal jammers" through their own ingenuity, and they can still apply for patents at that time. cell phone jammer

Some students say that the school’s approach is not very user-friendly. If the student is suddenly in a hurry, it would be very inconvenient to not have a mobile phone. I can’t understand it: the Internet is the fastest and easiest way to get first-hand information. It is useless to block cell phone signals in order to allow children to focus on their studies. What is really useful is education reform and innovation! Weight loss continues: Why not let you use your mobile phone? That's it for learning? Just study hard? Lingshi-Good: Cell Phone Block Outgoing Caller Id The electromagnetic radiation power is not small, is it harmful to health in such an environment for a long time? There are so many flowers: it should be like this, so that students can return to the simplest learning environment.