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Cell phone jammers make prison management easier

Schimpf Terry May 24, 2021 10:30

In the past, many people were unwilling to be prison guards in prisons, because being guards was full of dangers, and at the same time, the labor intensity was very high, and the brain nerves were strained every day. Therefore, many prison guards suffered from serious problems at a young age. Disease. Nowadays, with the mobile cell phone jammer defense system, prison management has become very easy and safer.

The mobile jammer defense system is a set of modern intelligent equipment for prison management. It can cooperate with other intelligent systems to form a complete set of prison management network, so that prison guards can develop more easily without straining their brains. jobs. Prison guards can clock in and clock in when changing positions through the intelligent system every day, and they can sit in the monitoring room to monitor the behavior of criminals every day, so as to carry out targeted reform and education work to help criminals re-behave.

In addition, the prison cell phone jammer defense system can also make criminals feel a sense of psychological fear, so they dare not easily provoke troubles, thereby ensuring the normal order of the prison.