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Use cell phone jammer correctly in school

Perfectjammer 2018-05-10

Cell Phone GSM Jammer UseModern mobile phones, as a collection of entertainment, consulting, communication and even office work, have greatly expanded their functions and have become popular among young people. Education in mainland China, however, have an unwritten "hidden rules", I learned of the students are not allowed to use of mobile phones in the school, and even some schools also with clear rules in the school shall not use any communication tools such as mobile phones. The school's original intention was not difficult to speculate, as the President of the dongguan five, surnamed ye, said, "the purpose is to enable students to learn and rest better." But will students who carry and use mobile phones delay learning and rest? Are the students who carry and use mobile phones really "bad students"? Maybe we need to use cell phones in an emergency. At the same time, we should also consider whether the long-term non-use of mobile phones will cause students to lose touch with society. Of course, what is more important for students is how to keep learning continuously

As a modern communication tool, mobile phones are not limited to communication functions. Many young people's development of society, the development of the outside world and even the development of personality is obtained through the mobile phone. Many students are used to surfing the web on their mobile phones, checking the news, paying attention to events, acquiring information and knowledge, and their status is getting heavier and heavier among young people. It can be said that mobile phones have become a mobile encyclopedia for students. But the school did not understand the underlying trend behind the phenomenon and tried to kill it. Standing on the ground of the school, of course, this made the right decision.

"Mobile phone affect the students to rest and learning", the reason is well-meaning, but exposed is education "exam-oriented education" thinking deeply rooted, even "shielding" period of time has such a compromise to mask the passivation and distorted education thinking. The potential incentive to analyze its "good intentions" is that the school's excessive emphasis on students' academic performance should be "blocked" for all the factors that contribute to the high score.

Primary and secondary schools prohibit students from using mobile phones, shielding students' cellphone signals from the extreme form of "test education thinking". Actually, in the face of students for comprehensive knowledge and consulting the demand of the university should be to find ways to guide and create the right conditions, use the "under siege" to safeguard the so-called "learning and rest" than "teaching quality" of high scores, essence is "wasting" pupils.

In the information age, mobile phones seem to have become a necessity for life, and nowadays it is not uncommon for students to bring mobile phones to school. Although small and medium-sized schools around the world are not allowed to carry mobile phones while they are in school, the phenomenon has repeatedly been banned. In recent days, a high school in the province has been forced to turn off the lights and turn on the "high-tech" mobile phone signal jammer.

With the development of smart phones, it has become inseparable with us, while adults are "kidnapped" by mobile phones. Meanwhile, students and even kindergartens are gradually being held up by mobile phones. Don't let the child take the cell phone, worry about the safety "missing link", let the child take the mobile phone, also worry affect the school and the growth, should let the child take the mobile phone to go to school? Mobile phones, "condoms" are only children?

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