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GPS jamming is not confined to conflict zones

Gleason Arliss 2022/08/03

  The Global Positioning System and Military Jamming: The geographies of electronic warfare Abstract GPS supports infrastructure assets that are essential to the functioning of national and international banking operations, power grid, transportation, and communication systems, therefore its reliability and accuracy is critical.

GPS jamming is not confined to conflict zones

  GPS boosts productivity around the world and has radically changed military operations. Despite the importance of GPS, the relative weakness of GPS signals are vulnerable to interference.

  This weakness provides a range of opportunities for criminals, terrorists and state actors using GPS jamming devices. Different types of jammer gps can cause varying degrees of interference, but the use of powerful military jammers are becoming more prevalent.

  But this is complicated by the fact that small jamming devices are easily available and powerful jammers can be homemade or smuggled into territories as parts and components and then reassembled, or even projected from aircraft or via ships.

  Overall, that the use of jamming technologies creates new geographies of conflict when we think about the location and proximity of critical infrastructure. It identifies themes related to the impact of jamming to better understand present and possible geographical and geopolitical implications. Interference is possible in a variety of geographical areas.