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Holmes Mark 2021-11-02

In order to ensure that the college entrance examination is conducted fairly and fairly, according to the requirements of the Haikou Examination Center, this year all 10 test centers in the city have set How To Block Your Cell Phone Number Nz in the examination room toilets and corridors. During the college entrance examination, these instruments will be turned on throughout the entire process, forming a strong signal age inside and outside the examination room. Avoid radio products transmitting relevant information near the examination room. On the morning of June 6, the reporter saw in the Chongde Building of Hainan Overseas Chinese Middle School that the mobile phone jammer installed at the toilet door on the first floor had been installed. cell phone jammer

After plugging in the power source and turning on the instrument with one key, the signal of the mobile phone in the tester's hand disappeared quickly within a few seconds, and the tester was unable to send and receive information and make calls. "A total of 48 How To Block Your Cell Phone Number Nz have been added to the test center of our school this year, which can further prevent the use of wireless communication means to cheat in the test." Weng Wenzhu, director of the Sports, Health and Arts Department of Hainan Overseas Chinese Middle School, introduced that the school has recently completed the installation of new equipment And debugging. In order to ensure the normal operation of all kinds of equipment, the school also set up a special technical team to arrange special personnel to overhaul and maintain the usage of electricity, voltage, monitoring system and other equipment.