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What information will the tracker send if I'll turn the GJ6 on?

I’m a truck driver and I work with the delivery for the last 5 years. And recently my company has installed a GPS tracking device somewhere in my truck. I don’t know for sure, but I suppose that they use that company’s product.


asked Dec. 2 '19 at 14:15


The tracker is connected to the Internet. I need to know what will happen if I’ll try to use a GJ6 jammer? What data it will send when I turn the jammer off?

Thus, with all the advances in technology, cybercriminals are also progressing, putting our privacy at risk. This encourages developers to review what they have created and to protect it in the most appropriate way.

Make your choice wisely and remember that there are jammers, such as adjustable multi-frequency signal jammer, that can serve as a desktop signal blocker to cover the entire building.

Google Glass will have to use the same protocol and will be interconnected with other devices using a similar application, which is a common practice for all devices for which no alternative has yet been proposed. This makes it vulnerable to traditional attack vectors, which can take the form of Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) against the network layer. This leads to the exploitation of any vulnerability of the operating system or the application itself. Google Glass is based on Android, it is likely that the device inherits vulnerabilities found in other devices using the same operating system.

So, when you will turn the gps jammer on, your tracker will send the notification about loosing satellite connection to the server, so you will disappear from the radar. But there are also some bad news. You can still be located thanks to the 2G connection of the tracker. In a matter of fact it will probably use cell tower triangulation technique to locate your truck. The results will be less accurate, that technique makes it possible to determine the location up to 100-50 meters, or 330-150 feet. But you’ll be still visible

When you will turn the GJ6 on the device will reestablish its connection with GPS satellites and the data on your exact location to the servers. In that case Jammer-Store may recommend you to use another option. To be sure that your location will be a secret you should use the universal GSM/GPS jamming device. It will block both GPRS Internet connection and GPS navigation. That anti-tracking jammer will surely do the trick.