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Can FM modulator jamming GPS frequencies?

Hello, I’ve heard hat some FM modulators can jam the GPS signals, how can it be? Does this mean that it is more good than interference device a way? Want to know the price varies widely between them


asked Jul. 09 '19 at 11:12


Hi, my brother. FM modulator is a little gadget that you will have to attach into your car lighter slot and plug a USB memory stick in it.

Most of those devices use the 86,6-96 MHz frequencies and they can’t physically jam the GPS system, because its signal are on 1227,6 and 1575,42 MHz. So, use that the working frequency bands are totally different and they stand so much far away from each other.

If you need to jam GPS it is better to use some of GPS jammer, especially this one! So you can make a bet with people who told you so and than all you will have to do are to send the link to this question to them. And the bet is all yours.

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Asked: Jul.09 Upton Bach

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