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What are the perfect conditions to use signal jammer

Hi there! Since signal jammers are not for house usage only but may be also used as portable devices, I want to know: what conditions are perfect for them?

asked Oct. 12 '19 at 13:15


Hi! Now, people pay more attention to security and privacy at work and in everyday life, and you always want to find a good way to prevent them from being attacked or give privacy. Now, it is to get the network's privacy and weather safety conditions. Thus, the interfering WiFi signal can help people solve this problem. By using WiFi jammer, others will lose the ability to enter the wireless network, just use a wired network to ensure your normal use. So, jammers jammers WiFi and Bluetooth can bring you eliminate potential dangers is very important. Next, this 13W 2G 3G 4G Bluetooth Wi-Fi cell phone signal blocker is designed for this purpose

Most signal jammers are working with the same stability in the temperature between 0 and 50 Celsius degrees and between 5 and 80 percent of air humidity. But if they are used, for example, in the desert during the sand storm, their functionality is in danger, especially if they have ventilation slots which can ball up by the sand.

In cases described above you can use jammer for special conditions which is designed for military operations and can resist many different weather types and harsh conditions. It is protected well and can maintain its functionality in wider range of temperatures and humidity level. Special ops need special equipment!

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