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The quantity of jammer antennas - what it affects

Hi everybody! I have seen many signal jammers and noticed that they may have one, two, three and even five antennas. Does their quantity affects something?

asked Oct. 15 '19 at 14:15


Hi! If the mobile phone GPS GPS wifi jammer LOJACK the distance of the disturbance? Do not worry about this problem, because with output, the interference distance of this car to use the mobile phone GPS depending on the signal strength of the given area, the maximum radius of 40 meters, can meet the needs "large vehicle.

The more antennas has the jammer - the more frequency bands it can block simultaneously. For example, this desktop jammer has five antennas which allows it to successfully deal with wide range of radio signals and wireless frequencies. By the way, the power of every signal band of this jammer may be adjusted by you.