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How to stop bluetooth signal by jammer blocker?

I want to know the bluetooth mouse can signal interference? If can interfere with, I need to do?

asked Jul. 10 '19 at 13:15


Yes, it is possible. First of all, the bluetooth mouse using low frequency bluetooth signal, extremely susceptible to interference. Secondly, the general signal jammer is not effective. Must be a WiFi jammer can play a role.If you are trying to trick, then recommend you to use the WiFi jammer

In the past, everyone only had to block one frequency band, such as mobile phone signals, GPS signals, Wi-Fi signals, UHF signals or VHF signals, etc. But now with the development of high technology, people are disturbed by many objects, and even no There is no problem in daily life, so now it is really necessary to disconnect several types of signal frequency bands at the same time, which is why many multi-purpose signal jammers have been invented, if you have the need, then look at the next main content. Because there are many types of multi-purpose WiFi signal jammer devices on the market today, it is really not very easy for everyone to get the appropriate signal impact according to their regulations, unless they are looking for a reliable online store to buy a signal display device. If you If necessary, then you can take a look at real examples of high power multipurpose WiFi signal blockers together, and then you will understand that you can certainly get the best view of multipurpose signal blockers here.

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