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Can cell phone jammers be used on the plane

Hi people! Recently I've read that soon cell phones will be allowed to use on planes. I don't know how it will work but is it possible to use jammers there?

asked Oct. 15 '19 at 14:15


Hi! After the study, they discovered the real reason. Can use the same passenger information Metro WIFI portable channel interfere with each other. We know that most smartphones can be configured to send WiFi devices. Although CASCO Signal System is the most advanced CBTC company, the most secure and efficient, hard to say, you know the speed of this highly developed technology, the CBTC system could bring new wireless transmission equipment new problems

Answering your question I must say that if you belong to the second group of people I have mentioned above, you may feel happy too because the same technology that may allow cell phone usage will automatically give green light to the cell phone jammer usage. If cell phone signal will not interrupt plane's equipment work then jammers would not do it either.

So now the only thing you need to do is to wait for the future to come and to show what it has for us. If mobile phones will be used on planes then you can purchase cell phone jammer and enjoy peaceful flight in silence.