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Military jammers are effective in challenging environments

Perfectjammer 2022/09/26

  As the threat of GNSS/GPS electronic warfare becomes more realistic and significant, military platforms need to be protected against mission failure.

  With the introduction of GPS/GNSS military signal jammers and the expansion of the field of anti-jamming and deception, the demand for military jammers is increasing.

  For less than 100 euros, anyone can buy a jammer on the Internet with a performance level sufficient to reject civilian applications within a 50-kilometer radius.

Military jammers are effective in challenging environments

  On the battlefield, however, electronic warfare has become a serious threat to the success of the mission, because GNSS GPS jammers is now particularly easy to obtain.

  Military jammers are highly effective in the most challenging military environments, capable of handling all types of threat scenarios from multiple low-cost jammers to high-power ground jammers, including multiple precision and airborne jammers.

  Military Shield is a major investment in each country, it needs to invest a lot of human, material, and financial resources in order to sustainable development.

  By combining the signals from the unique antenna configuration into the antenna electronics unit, jammers or spoofers can be detected and their effects removed to maintain the continuity of GPS/GNSS information.

  Generally speaking, electronic stations are very important for the future development of every country. In military missions, pilots and crews need to have consistent, credible data, whether it's fighter jets, helicopters, missiles, surface ships, or armored vehicles.

  By installing anti-jamming solutions on its platform, the end users of military jammers can successfully complete their tasks by their GPS\GNSS signals.

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