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In the field of Jammer technology, most people have no doubt about the answer

Perfectjammer 2022/10/14

  Do you love shopping online and point out that it is very convenient and easy to get what you need from an online store? When asked about that phenomenon, the answer to most people is no question, and in this In the field of technology, more and more people like to shop online, such as computers, clothes, pants, food and many other items. The same goes for new projects. So shopping online is also one of the dream options when you have to get , if you want to know that a reliable online store is your reliable source, then you come here and have a good start. Naturally, the technology has been moving, and naturally we have to consider everyone's needs. If you only use mobile phone data signals, you will quickly understand that it is not like you only use 2G mobile phone data signals. Now 3G and 4G mobile phone data signals have actually been established. And now it is widely used by more and more people. In such a situation, 3G4G cell phone signal jammers gps are also created to assist those who are disturbed by 3G4G cell phone signals. For those who have been looking for a high-power signal jammer, they can get better access restrictions here.

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  Many schools have been busy recently, because the days of the college entrance examination are counting down day by day, and they are preparing non-stop materials and machines for the examination room. This is to enable candidates to take the examination in a stable and orderly environment. This is also the responsibility of the school. So recently we can see that a machine has been installed in the examination room. This is the 88 that many schools have vigorously promoted recently. It is a kind of problem that can effectively counteract electronic signal cheating, although it is so effective. , but an unknown point is that when it is actually put into use, its effect is also different depending on the installation place and situation.

  To put it bluntly, high shielding efficiency means whether there are blind spots or omissions in the actual effect of shielding. In the vicinity of some prisons, it is very likely that there will be transmitting communication base stations with strong mobile phone signals. In order to better achieve a good actual effect, this kind of material and vitality will be spent, and the cost will be correspondingly expensive. raised dramatically. Therefore, the better the actual effect of the shield, the higher the cost. In specific applications, the shielding regulations of prisons are generally higher, and there is a slight leakage, blind spots, and violations of regulations. Staff are likely to grasp the loopholes in this system, and promote the use of mobile phones in the originally required shielding area. How to achieve the original intention of 88 mobile phones. If the impact of opening to the outside world is not considered, the relativity of simple mobile phone GPS jammers is very easy, and it is only necessary to increase the output power of the mobile phone jammer. However, it is necessary to ensure that there are no blind spots or leakages in the shielded area. The output power in the area of ​​the mobile phone signal jammer is relatively strong. If there is a little leakage, the impact of opening to the outside world will be very large. This stipulates that in the case of the mobile phone jammer design, it needs to be considered and controlled in various technical aspects to ensure that the accurate and high-efficiency mobile phone jammer does not affect the impact of the opening to the outside world.

  Several major operators in China, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, radio and television communication base stations, as well as used wireless networks, wifi, shared networks, etc., in addition to network signals 2.4GWIFI, 5.8gWIFI, vhf, uhf, etc. Frequency purchase. So, choose the that suits you by knowing the signal you are blocking. In the past, the mobile phone jammer can only block 2G, 3G, 4G and 2.4G signals, but now the new 5G signal cannot be blocked, so choose a device with a 5G signal jammer. Low-power, medium-power, high-power mobile phone signal jammers gps. The output of low-power signal jammer is about 3W-80W, the output of medium-power is about 80W-160W, and the output of high-power is generally about 200W-1000W. Except for some special occasions, high-power mobile phone signal jammers gps are generally not used in other places, because they will seriously interfere with the normal signal transmission of surrounding base stations. Small venues such as escort vehicles and conference rooms only need to install low-power signal jammers gps. If you need a low-power signal jammer with a lot of obstructions that cannot achieve the effect, you can choose a medium-power signal jammer to use, so that the penetration will be better.