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There are those who think that signal warning exaggerated and should not be taken seriously


  Examination room signal jammer gps are used in different occasions, and the shielding range will be different, which is not only related to the frequency band that can be shielded by the jammer itself, but also has a great relationship with the surrounding environment. If there are obstructions, walls, etc. around, or things like amplifiers that boost the cell phone signal, then the installation is not the same as in an empty classroom. When installing, pay attention to the installation height and place. Cannot be installed near shields. When installing the external , you also need to pay attention to the connection between the antenna and the corresponding interface. Once the wrong interface is installed, it is likely to burn out the machine. It is normal for the shield to heat up during use. It will not affect the normal use of the shield. If you are worried, you can choose a test room signal isolator with a fan. This way, the shield will not get too hot. When installing, pay attention that there should be no AC power lines or audio lines around the test signal isolator. In order to avoid current interference, the effect of the shielding device is not good. This is where the school needs to pay attention to the installation of additional personnel.

TX-WRJ03 built-in 2.4GHz

  Cell phones and other electronics are known to be banned from gas stations. Because in the event of an accidental gas leak at a gas station, using a cell phone or electronics could start a fire that could cause a horrific explosion and burn everything inside the gas station to the ground. So we always see signs warning us not to use our phones at gas stations. But there are also people who don't know the seriousness of the problem and still use their phones at gas stations. For the most part, the use of the cell phone did not cause a fire, as there were no gas leaks most of the time. So people might think the warning signs are too exaggerated to be taken seriously. However, once a person uses a mobile phone with a gas leak at a gas station, a fire can be a disaster that will kill or injure many people and destroy vehicles and homes around the gas station. So we should use to stop people from using their phones at gas stations and raise their awareness of the situation. Even though most people are aware of the dangers of using a cell phone at a gas station, they don't know when and where someone will call them.

  Mobile phone signal jammers are mainly used in various examination rooms, schools, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. At present, due to the approaching of the college entrance examination date, many school test centers are purchasing , where can I buy a mobile phone signal jammer? In fact, if you search for mobile phone signal GPS jammers on the Internet, you can find some signal jammer manufacturers, and you can consult or purchase directly through the official website. 88 Factors that determine the size of the shielding range: the distance between the use site and the base station and the blocking of obstacles; to achieve the same shielding effect in the same area, it is more economical to use multiple low-power distributed installations than to use a high-power one. many. The shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field, the large area is far away from the base station, and so on. The shielding radius of the mobile phone signal jammer is adjustable, and the coverage is more than 30 square meters. The mobile phone signal jammer can only block the mobile phone signal without affecting other electronic devices, making it more popular in the scene where the mobile phone needs to be shielded.

  In the mobile phone signal jammer industry, we have more than 10 years of history in research and development, production, sales and engineering installation of jammers gps. As a professional mobile phone signal detection and mobile phone signal shielding supplier, the mobile phone signal jammer products are undoubtedly quite reliable. Over the years, many prisons, military and police forces, schools, government secret places, etc. have designed and formulated mobile phone signal blocker system solutions, provided high-quality and qualified products, and perfectly met customers' mobile phone signal blocking needs. In the era of the mobile Internet, speed is all about speed. The speed provided by the mobile network in the 4G era is about 45Mbps, while the speed provided by the mobile network in the upcoming 5G era is about gigabit. However, the Internet is also a double-edged sword, which brings great convenience to people and also brings great security risks to people.

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