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The multifunctional jammer can not only block GPS signal but also cut off 2G 3G signal Raises Ban Level

Perfectjammer 2022/09/24

  Do you think that in some serious cases, noise and tracking of certain equipment will cause a lot of trouble and interference to people? Now the answer is true.

  In fact, many people are troubled by this problem and need to solve it. And now in order to meet people's needs, and make them better, many functions of the jammer have been invented, which can help people a lot.

The multifunctional jammer can not only block GPS signal but also cut off 2G 3G signal

  According to the different needs of people now, it is not so difficult to obtain high-power multi-purpose signal jammers, such as high-power mobile phone GPS signal jammers, high-power mobile phone WiFi jammers, and so on.

  But usually, we see very few styles of UHF VHF jammers, so for those who need a UHF VHF blocker, being able to cut off the signal of the phone at the same time is really a problem.

  For those who only need to cut off the mobile phone signal, it is enough to buy a mobile phone jammer not only to block the UHF VHF signal but also to cut off the signal of the 2G 3G mobile phone signal.

  Are there any suitable jamming devices available?

  There is a great demand for hand-held signal jammers. Phones and other phones really don't want to carry several jammers when they need to block multiple signals at the same time.

  Cell phone signal, GPS jammers, and WiFi signal simultaneously. With it, they can choose the band they want to block according to the actual situation, now everything is possible.

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