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I am inquiring about appropriate placement for Jammer device installation


GPS trackers, everyone should not unfamiliar, also known as "car tracker", through the car moving trajectory, record the history of complete let you at any time to control the moving direction of transportation, and because of the small size easy to hide are less likely to be found, is one of the commonly used tools for tracking by people, even if is small in size but with high precision and but not the lack of professional degree.Among them, and can be divided into the GPS tracker detector scan covered with interrupt signals in two ways, among them, the GPS tracker detectors can be two ways via action network transmission and messages, must be set communication software to flight mode, lest cause false alarm signals detected the machine, but because of the external interference factors, So when people suspect their vehicles are being fitted with trackers, they opt for another device, the "blackout", to block the signal.

Cellphone Signal Jammer

The answer is "waterproof", and the shape of the plastic bag will vary according to different models, after completing the first stage of the sealing membrane, extinction black electrical tape will be used for the second envelope, the second layer of the sealing film is in order to achieve better effect of "waterproof" and "dust", will choose to use extinction black tape is not optional also choose, but to avoid being found, If the use of general bright surface tape, the car is easy to be found because of the light when the maintenance Where exactly should a car tracker be installed? Because positioning trackers are scientific instruments, must be far away from the "heat", so close to the heat source of the "engine" and "pipe" is without consideration, car wheel arch "and" junk pole "is a preferred installation location, and orientation tracker is not limited to cars, the locomotive can be installed, and tracking device itself has a powerful magnet can be directly adsorption on transportation.

How do you defend yourself when you find yourself suspected of having a tracker installed? The GPS tracker is divided into two parts, the battery and the positioning receiver.If you suspect that your vehicle has been fitted with a tracker, don't worry too much, let the professional personnel to solve the problem for you.The fastest way is undoubtedly to directly check the car into the factory, so that professional technicians to carry out a comprehensive inspection, but due to the car tracker are often covered in dark, not easy to detect, so in addition to the choice of entering the factory can also be checked by the way of external assistance.

Blockers are devices that block GPS signals and can be divided into simple and large models.Some people may ask why to shape the first layer.The simple type can effectively cover GPS satellite tracking, while the large type can even cover mobile phone and WIFI signals, so the simple type is usually selected in use.Before installing the GPS jammers, both of them must be coated with a heat seal film to shape the first layer.

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