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Now there is a mobile signal jammer gps in the examination room


  Now there are mobile phone signal jammers gps in the examination room, but some people want to use some means to cheat, and even try to find loopholes at all costs. So, is the exam room easy to be cracked? There must be a lot of people who want to crack it, but it is recommended that you don’t take chances. Not for anything else, just because the cell phone signal jammer is not as simple as you think. In the past, the old mobile phone signal jammers gps used segmented signals to cut off the signals, and the signals were converted from time to time. But now the mobile phone signal jammer gps in the examination room have been upgraded, and they are not the old equipment of the year.

  With the advent of the Internet age, we find that more and more people are very interested in online shopping. Naturally, this kind of thing also chooses to buy online. For consumers, the Internet can be very useful. It is convenient to refer to the price of the mobile phone jammer. What kind of practical operation does it have in real life? First of all, the mobile phone we often use has a satellite positioning system. When we send a circle of friends, we often add On such a position, or in order to let friends find us better, it will also be sent until it passes, but in our real life, some people are very disgusting that others know their specific location, so they will If you purchase some basic equipment on the Internet to shield your own basic positioning, then the shielding device purchased through the Internet is worthy of our trust.

TX-WRJ03 built-in GPSL1 1.5GHz

  Currently, mobile equipment is becoming a civilian product, not an electronic warfare device, because as the number of mobile phone users increases, it is necessary to disable the phone in specific places where the ringtone of the phone is damaged. These are places of worship, university lecture rooms, libraries, concert halls, meeting rooms, and more. If you're a teacher or student tired of other students chatting on their phones during class time, a classroom phone blocker might be what you need. With these devices, you can stop conversations instantly, prevent students from cheating on exams, and prevent classroom interruptions from cell phone ringing and buzzing. A simple 88 will prevent students from playing mobile phones in the classroom, you need a large or strong cell phone signal jammer. In fact, you can use a portable signal shield that looks like any regular cell phone to keep the classroom quiet. A cell phone jammer is a device that sends a signal on the same frequency. If the shield is turned on, the jamming part succeeds when the area of ​​the mobile phone signal is disabled. Mobile users are becoming more and more popular these days, so cell phone GPS jammers are more common than electronic devices to disable mobile signals in specific locations.

In simple terms, this is very similar to a sound signal

  When the mobile phone tries to establish a connection with the base station, suddenly pops out, covering the communication signal with a very loud noise in the same frequency band, making the signal received by the mobile phone unorganized and undetectable. However, the power of the mobile phone signal jammer is not as large as possible. If this kind of interference emission is not scientifically calculated and unreasonably controlled, it will not be conducive to protecting the environment. Therefore, using a reasonable algorithm to control the transmission direction and power of the interference signal of the mobile phone signal blocker, it is necessary to maintain the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal, and to comply with the safety limit. Generally speaking, the closer to the base station, the stronger the field strength of the local BCH, the smaller the area where the jammer can achieve effective interference, and the general interference radius can only reach a few tenths of a meter to a few meters; the farther away from the base station, the stronger the field strength of BCH is. , the larger the radius of the mobile phone jammer to achieve effective interference, can reach more than ten meters to dozens of meters. Therefore, we should fully consider the size of the local BCH field strength before using the mobile phone signal jammer, and then determine the location, quantity and combination of the mobile phone jammer according to the size of the interference area.

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