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Check the vehicle appearance of the hidden GPS tracker

Aiden 2022/10/14

  If someone can get into your car and open the hood, they're more likely to just hide the device inside.The most common place to hide a GPS tracker is inside the wheel well, which is also a relatively easy spot to check.Here's the simplest way to do it.Therefore, the first step in finding a hidden GPS tracker on your car is to make a visual inspection of hidden spots that can be reached quickly and without much difficulty.

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  Focus on areas where someone can easily hide the tracker without taking too much time or effort, and keep in mind the fact that the tracker can be covered in road dirt and grime.Your flashlight and telescopic mirror also make it easy to check under the vehicle.In some cases, you may have to get inside the bumper and feel around.You may need to use a telescopic mirror to get a good look, and you can also feel around with your hands where you can't see.While trackers can be hidden in the engine bay, they are not common.To use a flashlight, you need to check the inside of the front and rear wheel Wells.

  The trackers can also be hidden under or inside the bumper.Someone may have loosened the liner to attach the magnetized tracker to the rear frame or body.If you have a crawler and enough ground clearance, you can even glide under the vehicle for a more thorough inspection.You'll also need a flashlight and a mirror for a full inspection.If you notice that the hard plastic hub liner is loose, try peeling it off and look or feel it on the inside.

  Search for GPS jammers, buy them and install them on your car, so the whole car will be in the range of signal blocking interference, no longer have to worry about the car being tracked by bad guys.While small GPS trackers can be hidden anywhere, these devices are usually hidden in relatively easy to access locations.