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The multi-function jammer can only block the GPS signal

Perfectjammer 2022/10/14

  You can understand the details of multifunction , which can not only block the GPS signal, but also cut off the signal of the mobile phone. There is no time to wait, and then go directly to see all aspects of the mobile phone GPS signal jammer. The name of this GPS blocker and mobile phone jammer introduced here is "5-antenna handheld 2G 3G mobile phone and GPS signal jammer". As can be seen from the name, this mobile phone GPS jammer is not a desktop jammer, it has Convenient and portable design for external portability. Then you can look at the shielding frequency band and shielding distance of this # , and then you will know that it is a perfect multi-function signal jammer with a shielding distance of up to 15 meters, which can cut off the shielded signal CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G GPSL1 GPSL2 and GPSL5 at the same time Depends on the signal strength of a given area. Therefore, through the design of the car charger, you can easily carry the GPS signal blocker, just like it can be easily connected to the car.

The multi-function jammer can only block the GPS signal

  Seeing it is true, now you can have a simple understanding of the GPS interference equipment. First of all, the working principle of the GPS signal shield is the same as the mobile phone shield, because it can cut off the signal of the GPS positioner, and soon the GPS positioner will lose its function and cannot track people. In this way, it can help protect people's privacy. In this advanced society full of high -tech and science, people can help from the advanced GPS signal jammer, and quickly get freedom and security status. When some high-tech products are invented and entered the market, they are very excited. In order to obtain the privacy or location of some people, many people now use GPS tracking devices to reach such a destination, but for those who are tracked, this is indeed a pain.

  No matter when and where you are, if your language is always sent to others due to GPS tracking devices, what are you doing and saying that will make you feel natural and comfortable? Almost all people think it is uncomfortable to do so. If they track their lives and work, and many other aspects in this way, they will be greatly affected. Now you can take steps to solve this problem, then just use the multi-function # , you can enter the world of tracking-free. In order to know someone’s or someone’s secrets, just because they want to know the opponent’s business secrets and other things, they will only use GPS tracking devices or other devices, such as cell phone tracking devices, to help them reach their goals and get comfortable no-tracking condition.

  AGPS jammers interrupts a communication link (or network) between two (or more) partners; When they try to talk to each other or pass certain data between them, even if a communication link occurs between the drone and its operator is a special case, unlike many others. We can try to block communication between the cell phone and the base station, between the two tactical radios, between the pump and the remote control used to activate it, etc. To block, the jammer emits RF energy (CW + modulation) at the same frequency as the enemy link or network. The enemy receiver (the “listening“ party) will receive the blocker transmission and the “partner“ transmission. A stronger will prevails; If the power of the blocker is greater than the power of the partner, the listener will not understand the message/data correctly. Alternatively, if the power of the “partner“ is greater than the power of the blocker, the listener may be able to understand the message/data correctly and the communication link between the partners should continue uninterrupted.

  If someone decides not to let their monitoring device be detected, they might even hide the tracking device inside the seat cushion behind the door panel, and other similar baffle locations.So if you can find the data connector under the dashboard, which is usually located near the driver's leg, and something is plugged in, then this is an immediate cause for concern.

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