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Found a hidden GPS tracker in your car

Michael 2022/10/14

  Found a hidden GPS tracker in your car All onboard GPS trackers fall into the basic categories of active and passive.Search for GPS blockers, buy them and install them on your car, so the whole car will be in the range of signal blocking interference, no longer have to worry about the car being tracked by bad guys.Know when to seek professional help: If you suspect someone has hidden a tracker on your car, but you can't find it, a professional may be able to help.This means that if someone installs an active GPS tracker in your car, they will be able to use a computer, phone or tablet to see your location in real time.

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  Technicians who specialize in automotive electronics, car audio, and car alarms usually have the necessary expertise and equipment.Depending on the device, they can also view your past location, driving speed and other information.Don't neglect the suitcase.Most trackers are hidden in easy-to-reach locations.Conduct internal inspections: First check the data port.

  Some trackers transmit only when the vehicle is moving.Conduct external inspections: Use flashlights and mirrors to check areas such as wheel Wells and under the vehicle.If you suspect that someone may be hiding a GPS tracker somewhere in the vehicle, you will need some basic tools such as a flashlight, a mechanical mirror, and some kind of creeper or mat to help you glide through the vehicle.

  Active trackers use GPS to determine a location and transmit that location over a cellular connection, while passive trackers record and store location data.If you use the above method to find seriously or did not find, that also do not be discouraged oh, teach you a simple and rough method.Most GPS jammers are very small, so don't overlook any potential hiding spots.Note that trackers can be dirty and hard to see.Specialized equipment, such as electronic sweepers or bug detectors, may also be required in cases where simple visual inspection is inadequate.