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How to set the phone to be free from the influence and control of the mobile cell phone signal detector device

Is there a setting that prevents the mobile phone from being affected and controlled by mobile cell phone signal detector device?

2021-01-25 at 09:30


The mobile cell phone signal detector device can shield all the 2G 3G 4G signals and 2.4G WIFI signals of all mobile, China Unicom and telecommunications mobile phones. Its principle is to interfere with the mobile phone receiving the frequency sent by the base station and the wireless router through its own frequency. The purpose of blocking them.
Some posts say that if the mobile phone’s network operator automatically selects this field to be closed, the mobile phone will not be blocked. In fact, this is not correct, because the mobile cell phone jammer blocks all mobile phone frequencies under the three operators. So no matter how you switch, you will be blocked, and you cannot avoid being blocked by purchasing any software. The only way is to use a mobile phone signal transmission tower on site, because the mobile phone signal transmission tower enhances the mobile phone signal, and the mobile cell phone signal detector device shields the mobile phone signal. When the mobile phone transmission tower is too close, the power of the mobile phone jammer is Unable to contend with it, most mobile phones cannot be blocked at this time.

There is also a more biased method, the unbranded mobile phone method: settings-network settings-manual search-search for China Mobile or China Unicom-quickly exit. But the time of anti-blocking is related to your quality. Telecom cards will not be interfered by mobile cell phone signal detector device. Brand-name mobile phone method: Settings-mobile phone settings-network mode-if the mobile phone defaults to dual networks, you can change to GSM (Unicom is in English, can not remember, hehe English is relatively poor), and then wait until there is a signal! The anti-blocking time depends on the quality of your phone. Hope my answer can help you, thank you for adopting