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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Jammer equipment with a working radius of 20 meters that can effectively interfere with shielding

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  Mobile phone jammers gps are mainly used in various places: schools, examination rooms, gas stations, libraries, prisons, conference rooms, courts, hospitals, governments, finance, public security, military areas and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. In fact, the on the market can effectively scan equipment with a range of 600 meters. For example, the working radius of the jammer shield is about 20 meters. Its shielding radius can be adjusted and the coverage can reach about 30M². The mobile phone signal blocker in the examination room only shields the mobile phone signal and will not affect other electronic equipment. At present, the mobile phone signal jammer gps in the test room are between 100-300 yuan for low power, 500-1000 yuan for medium power, 1000-10000 yuan for high power, and some special customized versions are priced at higher. In short, you need to buy a mobile phone jammer according to your own needs.

Anti-drone 6-channel radio frequency interference module

  Every year in the examination season, many parties are gradually anxious to plan for the examination, and the invigilators will use various tricks to avoid new technology fraud. Among them, the special for the examination room is still an anti-blocker. However, Shijiazhuang Anshida, as a well-known manufacturer of signal shielding devices, reminds that there are various varieties and specifications of shielding devices. Before purchasing, the application party should determine its own requirements to prevent the actual shielding effect from being poor and causing safety accidents in the examination room. Also pay attention to the accuracy of the method of operation. First of all, I want to establish the application field. Most of the 88 used in the test field type are suitable for long-term work and are durable. The second is how big are we in the blocked area? For example, it is a one-hundred-square-meter house or a site of more than one thousand square meters. If the total area is large, the output power must be larger, and if the total area is small, the shielding output power can be adjusted. There is also what frequency band must be blocked, is China Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, CDMA all blocked? Or only part of the frequency band must be blocked.

  In the 2021 college entrance examination, there are suddenly more discussions about whether is harming students' physical and mental health, and whether it affects students' normal thinking. The reason is that the blocker on the mobile phone will harm the normal thinking of people. Since then, reports that smartphone GPS jammers are harmful to the body have appeared in the newspapers one after another. Some news media reporters even said that the reporter felt close to 88 , "within 15 minutes, dizziness, stuttering, unable to concentrate logical thinking, chest tightness, nausea and vomiting, etc.". The parents of the students who hoped for their children to become talents were frowning at such information, and eagerly hoped that the authority would go out and make it clear. There are two key ways to shield data signals at this stage. One is physical digestion and absorption. Install wire meshes and boards outside the building to digest and absorb the radio waves of data signals, so that data signals cannot be received in the room. This kind of method is expensive and inconvenient to install, and is generally only used in physical laboratories with unique requirements. The other is to send radio waves to affect the data signal to achieve the purpose of shielding. Judging from reports in the news media, it seems that such devices that can transmit radio waves should be installed in the examination rooms for the high school and college entrance examinations across the country.

  Currently, each of us has a mobile phone. From previous 2G phones to now 3G and 4G phones, some people have even started using 5G phones. No matter what phone you're using, even high-end phones won't have a signal when the cell blocker is on. It is also understandable that cell phone signal blockers are the natural enemy of cell phone signals, but there are so many types of on the market that we don't know which one is better. Cell phone jammers gps are rarely used. The places that are often used at ordinary times may only be companies engaged in scientific research. There are also research and development departments on state secrets. The other is the military, where security and confidentiality-related places have set up cell phone jammers gps. It is better to have this brand in the signal jammer in hand. This brand is also sold at different prices. That's because their performance is different. Let's take a look at the prices of cell phone jammers gps.

Adjustable Box Type Hidden Antenna Wifi Cell Phone Jammer

Hidden Antenna Cell Phone Blocker

The self-developed wall-mounted mobile phone WiFi signal jammer consists of an antenna, a radio frequency amplification unit, a multiplexer, a main control board, an intelligent cooling system, and a power supply system. Using electronic countermeasures, it emits electromagnetic waves and cuts off downlink phone signals and WiFi signals within a radius of 50 meters. Then cell phones and wifi don't work in that area and people can't receive or transmit cell phone wifi signal there. It can interfere with all 2G 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signals and WiFi signals, with large coverage and good interference effect, completely blocking all mobile phone signals. Its main feature is an ultra-high gain antenna. Traditional jammers typically share a high gain antenna for all channels or use a small gain 5dBi or 9dBi antenna for each channel. But NZ-150W can transmit high gain 14dBi signal in each channel, with stable long-distance interference effect.


Super  Signal Jammer

A12 Powerful GPS Mobile Signal Jammers Comments

In my experience, the cell phone jammer does what it claims extremely well. My house was getting hammered with three or more solicitation calls every day in the late in the afternoon, dinner time or after dinner. My high quality cordless system blocks calls, but we ran of blocking capacity!! We could not block any more numbers using our cordless phone system. So we purchased a jamming device to hook it to our cordless phone system and it worked great...

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