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How can jammers be made

Signal interference has always been a big problem in our minds, so how to make a portable jammer?

2020-07-27 at 10:30


The signal jammer is the bane of the signal. It generates interference signals with the same frequency through waves. It is not easy to make the signal jammer circuit. As long as the circuit diagram of the signal portable jammer is designed, and then connected according to the circuit diagram, you need related equipment. An oscillator can be made. The oscillator is grounded at both ends of the inductance coil. The antenna and the other end will emit interference signals. If the oscillation frequency of the oscillator is adjustable, the frequency of the emitted interference signals will change.

It is easy to make a signal jammer. You need to buy the materials you need, and you need to understand the type of signal that needs to be jammed and the design pattern. If you want a beautiful and practical signal jammer, you can buy it directly from www.jammer-shop.com or contact their customer service, which is very convenient for you.