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How does the jammer shield the signal?

Do you know the type of jammer?

asked Mar. 21 '20 at 13:15


What you call a jammer is not exactly a jammer. There are many types of gps jammer. There are mobile phone jammers, gps jammers, WiFi jammers, drone jammers, etc. The jammers themselves do not block the frequency. Radio frequency band of the process. In order to block this remote control (usually a garage door), there is a special interference device-the remote control's jammer. If they block at a frequency that corresponds to the frequency with which the door is opened and closed, it will be blocked. If there is no other way to open or close the door, it can be said that the door is stuck.

Our jammers can be used not only for garage doors, but also for blocking other types of doors if the frequency of their remote control is in the interference band. In addition, they also have many other practical equipment, so you need to know the signal frequency band you want to shield very clearly, so that you can shield the frequency band precisely.