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I need to block Sphero, what can you recommend me?

Hi, is it possible to block that Sphero device? I never thought it is dangerous, but sometimes kids just play too much with it. Many thanks in advance


asked Dec. 2 '19 at 14:15


In addition, with Google Glass able to automatically launch certain procedures and functions while browsing the "cards", its configuration is limited. This can lead hackers to find an easy solution to exploit the privacy of users

But there is never anything good in a picture. Google Glass, with all its promises to simplify life, is also a threat to our privacy. Cyber criminals, always ahead of the game, can manipulate the device to compromise the security of the user.

Google Glass can connect to the Internet through Bluetooth pairing to a mobile device that can share its data network connection or Wi-Fi with a pre-configured network through a MyGlass account or a QR code generated by a mobile application. The latter poses a threat that was recently advanced by the security firm Lookout. When you add a network by adding a network name and password, which generates a QR code containing the connection parameters and establishes an automatic connection to the network when you look at it, you can induce a dangerous QR error. This then allows attackers to support network communications and redirect navigation to hostile Web pages exploiting a known Android Web vulnerability. In these cases, we recommend using jammers to block the WiFi and Bluetooth connection

As I’ve already mentioned you have to have Bluetooth compatible device so you’ll be able to operate that Sphero robot. There is a huge variety of apps that will let you to control it in the most effective way. There are even augmented reality games, which will work with that robot. So it’s not only a perfect toy, it’s a good chance to test augmented reality technology.

As you’ve already understood the device is controlled via Bluetooth. It has the same frequency as Wi-Fi has and it can be simply blocked with a Bluetooth signal jammer. But we should mention that that as long as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth share the same frequency you will not be able to use Wi-Fi connections around Bluetooth WiFi jammer device.