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What is the after-sale service of the mobile phone jammer sold?

In general, how many times does a mobile phone jammer product need to be tested before it can be considered as a genuine compliance?


Using a test room jammer may cause some problems. The right way to find the right solution can solve the problem better. This is a particularly important indicator for us. We have a positive understanding of this issue. Can better solve the problem of failure. When using a portable interference device in a laboratory, once it fails, it must be replaced in time. Especially when testing, it was found that the scraped product was difficult to use. The problem arises because you are not responsible for yourself. Fill in the information and report it to your manager. I will replace it in time. If you really choose the mobile phone barrier, there is after-sales service to deal with the problems in the auditorium. It can be repaired in time. You can also guarantee future use. Attention should also be paid to after-sales service. This can be used as a solution to the problem. In special circumstances, information leakage can be prevented and fairness can be ensured. You need a cell phone jammer to block the cell phone signal. There are certain methods and means. Actively think about the reality. The work is progressing smoothly.