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How do I know if a taxi is using a signal jammer

Hi, folks! I live in London and recently I’ve heard some rumours about that our cabs will be equipped with free Wi-Fi hotspots, how can I make sure I’m safe?


asked Dec. 2 '19 at 14:15


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The whole system works pretty easy. A 3G/4G compatible Mi-Fi hotspot will be installed in those cabs and the device will simply share 3G or 4G mobile internet over Wi-Fi. That will be pretty convenient because you’ll be able to surf the net during your journey and you won’t be bored. But we at Jammer-Store Inc. may warn you of that it may dangerous

First you should know that those wireless networks can be pretty vulnerable. In a matter of fact there are thousands of Wi-Fi hackers out there and wireless network can be easily cracked even if you do not have special skills and knowledge, there are lots of applications that can crack it. Another point here is in that that Google recently created an API that can be used for Wi-Fi navigation and thanks to those new mobile Wi-Fi hotspots Wi-Fi tracking will become really easy.

In that case I suppose that you’ll try to find some defensive measures to be surely safe from the hidden threats those free Wi-Fi hotspots can cause. You should know that you can jam them. Wi-Fi uses 2.4 GHz frequency and you can use portable WiFi jammer to be totally safe!