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I need some tips on blocking Lockitron smart lock

Hi there, I’ve installed this Lockitron smart lock recently and I need to know is there a way to block it while I’m home? I fear that someone may try to hack it, using Android NFC exploit


asked Dec. 2 '19 at 14:15


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The box gathers information about smartphones and other gadgets to track the suspect, and this process works without the assistance of network operators. In addition to information about suspects, the "dirtbox" collects information about other people, but these are later removed. We know that this latest technology is more advanced and successful than other previous innovations of the government. The US military uses this technology to gather information about people in and around war zones. Even US Marshals use this device to locate criminals, including killers and drug traffickers.

That lock is compatible with a wide variety of wireless data transmission such as: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. All those features can be managed with Android and iOS apps. You can also manage your digital keys at the Locitron’s web interface. It also has embedded knocking sensor so it will inform you when somebody is knocking on your door. Due to its Wi-Fi compatibility that device accesses internet and you can control it worldwide. But the danger is that Wi-Fi itself has some vulnerability

If there’s no Wi-Fi connection at home, or the electricity was shut down you will be able to open that smart lock with Bluetooth or NFC module of your smartphone. Designers claim that it is rather hard to hack that lock or to steal the digital keys. It’s easier to break the door itself. But Jammer Store Inc. can say that sometimes it’s better to make sure, right?

If you want to shut that lock down so no one will be able to open it until you want it you may try to use a special kind of a jamming device. It has to be compatible with NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and unfortunately those jammers do not exist. There are two options though: you may try to use an NFC jamming device and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth blocker to prevent it from working. If you are afraid of the NFC exploit the first option would do the trick, but the device will be still connected to the internet. The choice is up to you