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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

The more the jammer blocks the signal,the faster the battery drains

Perfectjammer 2022/08/18

  If you already know what a jammer is, you'll find that one of these latest tech models is much better than its predecessor. First, many people are forced to buy various jammers to suit their needs. This means you may need to buy cell phone zippers, GPS blockers, remote control jammers, etc.

The more the jammer blocks the signal,the faster the battery drains

  You're sitting in a nice restaurant and the rockers keep talking about their problems and you don't want them to stop doing it, so you want to interrupt your cell signal. In this case, you need a cell phone jammer. Later, you think you are being tracked and don't want to allow it. In this case, you need a portable GPS jammers.

  Just know that even if you can afford all these devices, it's not very convenient to carry around. This means you should also look for comfortable and affordable equipment. Now, this is where the combo jammer comes into play. There are indeed many models, and if you are looking for the right one, you can find a device that meets your needs.

  The first thing to know here is that all of these jammers may cost slightly less than all of them if bought individually, but all you have to do is make them more comfortable. Additionally, some newer, more expensive models offer the option to block two or three frequencies simultaneously. There is a signal blocker that blocks all 10 frequencies.

  But nothing is perfect. The higher the blocking frequency, the faster the battery discharges. So if you're looking for a portable universal frequency shield, pay attention to the battery specs, as you don't need a signal shield that charges every 30 minutes. Also, look for spark plug adapters so you can charge your devices in the car.

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Drone Jammer Interception Equipment Box-Type Drone Drive Away Equipment

Drone Jammer Interception Equipment

This device can interfere with all GNSS satellite positioning signals, including: GPS/Beidou/Gronas/Galileo; at the same time, it can interfere with the ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G frequency bands commonly used by drones, and force drones to remote control, map Transmit positioning, signal interruption, and achieve the effect of forced landing/returning/hovering. The drone jammer independently developed by Dexin Telecom has powerful functions and long interference distance, up to 1-2 kilometers (depending on different use environments).


MIni 2G 3G blocker

Mini Tyepe 3 Bands Blocker

Very compact disruptor, can be carried in your pocket. Really convenient, the train does not have to be disturbed by the phone ring...

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