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How to block GPS signal in work truck?

Romo Hector 2022/08/24

  Hi guys!

  The company I work for has a GPS monitor on my van. What should I use to block reliably?

How to block GPS signal in work truck

  I use a Wi-Fi connection, but I'm not sure how easy it is to hack it. We use Bluetooth and have never heard of Bluetooth hacking. Sure, we all know how to use GPS to get where we are and where we want to go, but have you heard that GPS navigators can track you?

  Every day, more and more people care about protecting their privacy. We all know that many of these newly launched wireless gadgets can steal our personal information.

  In order to achieve your legitimate goals, you need to block the signal of this tracker installed in your van. Therefore, you should use a GPS jammer to prevent this GPS tracker from sending data about your current location to a base station located somewhere in your company. GPS jammers can help you maintain your personal freedom of movement and privacy.

  The GPS tracker is connected continuously and can provide an updated location at any time. Bluetooth trackers have a maximum range of 150 - 250 feet as they depend on the Bluetooth signal strength between the locator and your mobile device.

  Use the plug-in GPS blocker. Plug-in GPS interceptors produce jamming signals that prevent vehicle GPS tracking. Just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter or auxiliary power outlet. When you start the car, the shield will also activate and your vehicle will disappear from the GPS monitor.

  As you can see, you always have the ability to influence a situation, even if companies try to control you and monitor your every move.