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Protect yourself from GPS location exposure

Perfectjammer 2022/08/24

  According to the Washington Times, the Justice Department filed a brief statement with the U.S. Court of Appeals. They argue that authorities have the right to collect tracking data on cellphones for 60 days without justification for any possible reason.

Protect yourself from GPS location exposure

  If the detailed data is relevant to a criminal investigation, authorities may not be able to really know anyone's whereabouts. In this case, federal investigators searched the travel histories of certain customers, but a federal judge said the agency assumed those people could be prosecuted, and we've determined that retrieval of general user data such as names is sufficient. His address, along with convincing evidence, must be submitted to a court to force the release of all location data.

  Even the simplest cell phone must be able to collect user location data so that emergency services can respond appropriately in an emergency. However, the current Obama administration wants to use the information for its own purposes.

  The main concern is that by authorizing authorities to access everyone's personal location data within two months, they can see the full picture of an individual's life. This information can reveal all of the person's friends, political leanings, colleagues, religious beliefs, hobbies, and even bad habits like playing. This sensitive data can be used to intimidate political opponents as easily as it can be used to detect organized crime groups.

  The government appealed the ruling to a district court to discuss location information, including important third-party business records that are not protected by data. The judge ruled that this was an absolute violation of the Fourth Amendment.

  Nonetheless, the flip side is also worth noting. There are probably few people who don't mind persecuting people the authorities deem very dangerous to the public, such as drug lords, sex offenders, and terror suspects. However, if you want to protect your privacy as a law-abiding citizen, you can prevent the government from using GPS trackers embedded in smartphones and other gadgets to track your location. Purchase a suitable GPS jammers to protect your privacy.